Contact Lenses

Contact lenses offer flexibility and freedom, they help you get the most out of life and enjoy quality eyesight without the use of glasses. At Peters Optical we offer a wide range of contact lenses to suit most prescriptions for people of all ages including older children.

Below is the steps we take to get you into a pair of contact lenses you are comfortable with and a short guide on the type of lenses you can choose from and why you might use them.

Getting started with Contact lenses

1. Eye Examination

It is important to have an up to date spectacle prescription. This can be booked at any Peters Optical practice. Alternatively if you have had a recent examination a copy of you prescription can be used.

2. Assessment

After your eye examination the optometrist will have evaluated you contact lens suitability and then be able to discuss the right contact lens for your eyes and your lifestyle. You will then be offered a trail of the contact lens most suited to you and be shown how insert and remove them as well as being shown how to take care of them. 

3. Fitting & Aftercare

After using the contact lenses a check up will be booked, this will check the fitting and vision it will also give you the opportunity to discuss any queries or concerns you have, after this further lenses can be ordered. A contact check yearly is necessary for the consistent monitoring of the health of the eyes whilst wearing contact lenses

Contact lenses for children

Increasing numbers of children are using contact lenses and for good reason. Contact lenses are cheaper and easier to replace than glasses. They also free any child worried about the appearance of glasses and are ideal for active children playing a wide range of sports.

What age? Its all depends on the maturity of your child an how willing they are to clean and take care of there lenses. If you are unsure then please call in and speak to one of our professionals . 

Multifocal Contact lenses

Multifocal contact lenses are a fantastic and versatile option for older contact lens wearers that struggle with focusing at a close distance, new enhancements in technology means this type of contact lens will cover all bases. With free trials available we can try you on a wide range of brands and styles to find what suits you best. Pop in and speak to an expert today.

Types of lenses


Mulifocal contact lenses are ideal for patients that struggle to adjust focus to close up objects or text, this new technology in contact lenses helps patients cover all bases in a single lens and ends the need a spare pair of reading glasses.


Can be used for long or short sighted patients with or with out astigmatism. The reusable lens comes in weekly or monthly forms and is the most affordable option for contact lens wearers but they do require maintenance with cleaning and storing between uses.


The most popular and convenient style of contact lenses, Available for both long and short sighted patients and for those with or without astigmatism. The daily lens can be used everyday or occasionally with no need for cleaning and maintaining, simple use for the day then throw away. 


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