When throwing real money on a new quality pair of frames, versatility is just as important as the tech within the sunglasses.

Oakley identified that many golfers prefer to wear flatter, lifestyle frames instead of the performance focused sport wraps. The perfect golfer frames would be a combination of these two styles with the flexibility of being worn on and off the golf course.

Oakley Targetline

The Target Line has thinner stems, or temples, to fit comfortably underneath a hat. A tighter temple to temple coupled with the saddle-bridge Unobtanium TM nose pad provides vastly improved retention even on the hottest days. Next is the lens. Golfers always look out the bottom of the lens whether they’re teeing off, putting, or chipping.

Oakley Targetline Side

A shallow frame would impede performance. The Target Line has a deeper lens for unobstructed view, so you can focus in on the ball. Oakley also noticed that golfers prefer to wear curve-billed hats. It’s a small detail, but the Target Line features dips on its frame to minimize contact with the hat for better coverage when conditions demand. The final detail is the shield on the sides of the lens.

Oakley Targetline Front

This added thickness on the frame provides the coverage of a sports wrap without compromising the lifestyle look.