Building on the successful launch of the skate design Oakley Latch we now have the Latch Key!

Oakley Latch Key is one of those designs that is and isn't what you would expect from Oakley. The design has a more classic look to it than its more extreme, sport-focused siblings, but look closer and you'll find the kind of functionality that is 100% Oakley.

The frame features a patented latch mechanism that's built into the hinge of the frame that you lets you secure the glasses onto a shirt collar or pocket. 

The Oakley Latch Key will be available in two different models Latch Key M & Latch Key L with the L being closets in size to the current Latch and the M slightly smaller.

Shop the Oakley Latch Key M & Oakley Latch Key L here.

Oakley Latch Key M
Oakley Latch Key M Side
Oakley Latch Key M